Making health and longevity, personalised and accessible.

What is included in The Longevity 12 Week Program

A 60-minute Consultation every week for 12 Weeks with your assigned Longevity Expert.

Laboratory Testing and In-depth analysis by our team of experts to tailor our approach to you.

Personalised Supplement recommendations based on your laboratory test results.

Personalised Recipes and Nutritional Advice.

Longevity 101 Syllabus – weekly educational resources designed by our experts to support our recommendations made during your consultations.

Who is this program for:

Our program is tailored to each individual client. Over the years we have helped the following;

Individuals who are looking for a truly personalised and tailored approach to their health needs.

Individuals who are eating healthy and exercising but not seeing the results they would like.

Individuals who are interested in sustainable healthy habits that fit into their lifestyle that promote longevity.

Individuals who have specific health goals alongside longevity – weight loss and weight gain.

Individuals who suffer from Hormone Dysfunction or Gut Related Disturbances.

Weekly Lessons Include...

The Metabolic Reboot
The Power of Gut Healt
Biohacking - The Optimal Eating Window, the key to Longevity.
Where the mind goes, energy flows.
The Circadian Rhythm and Optimising Sleep


Kelly Simmons
Kelly SimmonsCEO
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This month marks a full year with longevity and I haven’t looked back! The knowledge acquired and my commitment to the program is a testament to my Longevity expert and expertise in the wider team. Turning 50 this year I have never felt more informed, energetic, and empowered about the choices I make, from the food I eat to the way I move. My success and belief in the program have led to me signing up for the corporate package for all of my employees. Thank you Longevity!
Louis Brett
Louis BrettEntrepreneur
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When longevity says that they like to keep things simple and easy they’re not wrong. 6 months here (4 for my wife) everything from the tailored recipes through to the supplements guidance makes it just that. My consultations with my expert are the highlight of my week – informative, interesting, and most importantly enjoyable. Longevity has designed a program that starts with the basic habits that are simple to implement into our daily lives. After completing the program, just when you think you have learned it all, there's more, and very much welcomed! Healthy feels and looks good!