A scientific approach to optimising your health and well-being

Individual and corporate coaching programs that encompass functional nutrition, fitness and wellness, designed to redefine what it means to live healthier for longer.

Our Approach

We believe in personalised scientific wellness. Our coaching programs are designed to increase your health span, allowing you to feel at your best at any age and stage of life. We focus on…

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Science First

At the start of your journey, clinical investigations such as blood tests, are performed to understand you and your biology.

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From the results of your blood tests, we tailor our 12-week program, nutrition plans, and medical grade supplement recommendations, specifically for you.

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Our team of experts from the field of functional medicine used evidence-based practices to design our 12-week program.

The Longevity 12 Program

Our 12-week program is born from science and personalised to the science of you. We believe that the key to longevity is founded on 6 fundamental pillars – nutrition, movement, correct supplementation, sleep, stress, and community. By simplifying these components and by applying science, we have created The Longevity 101 to create health in every strand of your DNA. We focus on using nutritious foods to reboot your metabolism, biohacking techniques to turn on genes to help you live longer and daily habits to ensure both your mind and your body is looked after.

The Longevity 101 Syllabus is designed to address the scientifically proven root causes of ageing. Expect the following…

The Metabolic Reboot
Reducing inflammation, improving immune function and reversing insulin resistance.
Where the mind goes, energy flows
Our 12-week program put as much focus on the mind as it does on the body.
Personalised Supplements
Full blood work is carried out to find the correct supplementation for you.
Customised Recipes
Personalised recipes created by our nutritionists for you, your body and your palate.



The Importance of Strength Training and Longevity.

For many years strength training has been associated with professional bodybuilders or Olympic weightlifters. Weight training has a very important role in Longevity, read to find out why.


The Truth About Eggs.

Over the years there has been a lot of controversy as to whether eggs are good or bad for you, leaving many of us confused. Our Longevity nutritionists help demystify these claims.


Longevity Lessons From The Bluezone Countries

The bluezone countries have the highest number of centenarians, find out why.

Latest Recipes


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Grilled Chicken Salad

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